• The smart Wi-Fi hotspot

    Communicate / Get feedback / Know your visitors



    We can improve on-site experience for museums, retails, tourism information, bar/restaurants and more.



  • Communicate

    Introduce yourself on your visitor's smartphone



    No app to install, just connect to your Wi-Fi and explore.


    We can broadcast videos, offer a local mobile game, an audioguide, a VR experience, and more.


    When visitors will connect to your Wifi, your page will automatically pop on their screens !

  • Autonomous solution

    You want to get in touch with your visitors in the middle of the jungle?

    No internet line needed

    We offer a local solution, all your content is stored on the Wi-Fi device.

    You do not need any internet line

    to use our Wi-Fi.

    No power plug needed

    You want to make it work everywhere?


    We can add a battery pack and some solar panels to our Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Plug 'n Play technology

    Easy to setup and easy to use

    You will receive a Lowifi Box to connect to your existing internet router and that's it!


    Now all your visitors can access to a secure local Wi-Fi and be informed about your services/actions/promotions,... !


    We can also set up an offline solution if you do not have internet access but want to communicate with your visitors directly on their smartphone over Wi-Fi.

  • Contact us

    Do you want a Lowifi hotspot for your place?

    Need more information?

    Drop us a line!

    La Louvière, Belgium