• The smart Wi-Fi hotspot

    Communicate / Get feedback / Advertise / Earn money

  • Communicate with visitors

    Introduce yourself to the visitor before giving free Wi-Fi access


    Want to talk about your activity ? Your promotions ? Or you just want to say "Hi!" to passer-by ?


    Make it in the cellphones of your visitors !


    Before having free internet access they will have to pass by a custom information page.

  • Get feedback

    The feedback of your visitors is realy important if you want to improve your services


    With Lowifi, you can ask a question, a feedback, an opinion about what you want to your visitors.


    The visitor that will connect to your free Wi-Fi will have to answer to your feedback request/voting before surfing in the internet.


    A must have for local shops or smart cities that really matter about what visitors are thinking!

  • Know more about your visitors

    The more you know about your visitors, the more you can improve your services!


    Lowifi free Wi-Fi will collect some datas about your visitors.


    With our Big Data engine you will be able to know what is the typical profile of your visitors

    (age range, sexe, city, time of visit, and more)

  • Plug 'n Play technology

    Easy to setup and easy to use


    You will receive a Lowifi Box to connect to your existing internet router and that's it!


    Now all your visitors can access to a secure and free Wi-Fi in your location!


    And you can connect to the Lowifi Controller website to know more about your visitors / ask them feedback / inform them about current promotions and more !

  • Be part of the Lowifi network !

    You are not alone, you are now connected and digitalized !


    There are many other Lowifi Wi-Fi hotspots and maybe you want to communicate outside your location to reach new visitors.


    With Lowifi you can communicate to your visitors for free and forever, but now you can also communicate on the Lowifi hotspot of another place ! Let's reach more people !

  • Auto-finance your Lowifi !

    Show some advertising spot to your visitor and win money !


    Maybe some local stores wants to have their ads in your Wi-Fi hotspot, let's make this happen !

  • Contact us

    Need more informations ? Investors ? Want to join this adventure ?

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